Pioneering better paths to homeownership

One of the world’s biggest problems deserves our best solutions.

Construction is one of the least innovative industries in the world.

Traditional homebuilding solutions are too slow and wasteful to solve the growing housing crisis. We pioneer new ways to offer housing solutions that serve people and the planet. By bringing innovation to a stagnant sector, we’re reducing costs and increasing the speed and quality of housing.

Groundbreaking technology usually reaches low-income populations last. We’re flipping the script by bringing the best innovation to those who need it most, first.

Innovation is building a world that feels like home.

Investors and philanthropists have allowed us to invest heavily in R&D to develop breakthrough solutions in the affordable housing space. When we prove an effective solution, we share it with other teams tackling global homelessness.

Fast Company has named us one of the world’s most innovative companies 4X. But we’re most proud of seeing cutting-edge tech transform the housing sector and generations of lives.

The best solutions make housing more accessible for all

🏡 Raising the standard of affordable housing

💰 Lowering the cost of housing for vulnerable families

♻️ Contributing to a more sustainable world

Innovative solutions for people who need them most

Innovative solutions for people who need them most

Help us build the future of affordable housing.