New Story is celebrating Providence Homes’ 30th anniversary by sharing the impact made possible by their generosity. 

This holiday season, 131 families in Nuevo Cuscatlán, El Salvador, are preparing to move into their new, safe homes.

The community is 80% complete, and it’s the second one New Story is building in Nuevo Cuscatlán. That’s “New-a-vough Koos-caht-lahn.” 

In 2017, New Story completed Nuevo Cuscatlán 1, their first community in El Salvador. Thanks to their relationship with the former mayor of Nuevo Cuscatlán, Michelle Sol, it was also their first community to build in partnership with the local government. 

Four years later, Nuevo Cuscatlán 1 is thriving—people are healthier, incomes are rising, and dreams are coming true. Michelle Sol has since become El Salvador’s Minister of Housing, and New Story has worked closely with her and the local government to secure a second plot of land for a new community.

The stability of Nuevo Cuscatlán 1 will only help the families of Nuevo Cuscatlán 2 flourish when they move into their homes next to established neighbors. 

Like Providence Homes, New Story believes homeowners deserve our best. Rather than copying and pasting housing plans like many developers, New Story builds with respect by designing homes that suit the unique needs and wants of the community.

Due to the area’s density, Nuevo Cuscatlán 2 is the first community New Story designed with a two-story concept. It’s also the first time they partnered with local urban planners because it is a part of a larger urban expansion. The government is building a medical facility nearby and additional infrastructure to integrate it with the city. 

Nuevo Cuscatlán 2 represents the power of working collaboratively with the private and public sectors and the government to build greater opportunities for the most vulnerable families. 

The integration of this community within the developing city means the property value will only go up as the families pass it down for generations to come. Owning a home is the primary way to build generational wealth, helping to prevent families from reentering into a cycle of poverty. 

The average household income in this community is less than $10 a day. A stable home will give each family a more significant opportunity to build the career they want. In every community New Story supports, they have seen an increase in entrepreneurship. Some communities have increased their income by more than 60% after moving into their homes. 

Many families also lack direct access to clean water and sanitation. Women and girls resort to spending hours collecting water rather than providing for their families and pursuing an education and career. By bringing safe housing to a family, you’re also providing safe water and proper sanitation. Families can stay healthy and have the time to grow into their full potential. 

Homes change everything. 

From the founding of Providence Homes, their team has made a commitment to making a difference by doing the right thing. Thirty years later, Providence Homes is strongly living out their values by creating first-time homeownership for 131 families in Nuevo Cuscatlán.

You can get to know more of the families New Story is supporting in El Salvador by checking out this data report featuring four communities. The report shows the core problems Providence Homes is helping families solve through the gift of home. 

Thank you for helping New Story bring safe housing to those who need it most.