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The world’s first community featuring blockchain-based mortgages

“When I invest in nonprofits I look for ones that are building using the same principles I and our founders use to build for-profit startups. New Story is one of those nonprofits.”

Alexis Ohanian  |  Co-founder Initialized Capital, Reddit, & 776

Bitcoin is making homeownership accessible for vulnerable families.

We’re using the blockchain and the Lightning Network to help vulnerable families in El Salvador become homeowners. About 70% of families in El Salvador are unbanked and restricted from obtaining a loan and owning a home. They work hard and save money, but they distrust banks due to a history of corruption, and the costs of traditional banking outweigh the benefits. It’s common for families in the informal economy to only have access to interest rates as high as 150% and travel hours to use banking services. 

While most Salvadorans don’t have a relationship with a bank, they do have mobile phones, modest jobs, and dreams to own a home. Through Bitcoin wallets, families are making mortgage payments in seconds to build creditworthiness and homeownership.



Home for all

In El Zonte, a small surf town in El Salvador, eight low-income families are living in their new homes and paying their mortgages with bitcoin.

The community is known as Bitcoin Beach, and as our first blockchain project, it’s proved that Bitcoin is a safe and fair alternative for families living in the informal economy with no connection to traditional banking. The best part? We’re just getting started. 

Thanks to our generous sponsor, Coinbase, we’re expanding Bitcoin Beach by building 122 more homes, which will house nearly 500 people. Every family lives with a low income and desires to buy their own home in a way that’s accessible and affordable for them. Families are required to attend educational workshops hosted in partnership as they prepare to pay for their homes on the blockchain. The training ensures families have the tools and skills necessary for success when paying for their homes. 

Financial Inclusion is Here

Bringing innovation to families who need it most.

Bitcoin Beach is home of the world’s first community where families are paying their mortgages on the blockchain. And thanks to the innovation of our partner, Bitrefill, Bitcoin Beach is also the only place in the world where you can find bitcoin ATMs that run on the Lightning Network and accepts coins and bills. Families used to spend hours of their weeks traveling to make cash payments in person. Now, they can walk out of their homes and exchange their hard-earned cash for bitcoin. Since bitcoin is a legal tender in El Salvador, families can use it to pay for everything — from their haircuts to their homes. 

“It’s really interesting to see how this technology is going to change the world. I can now make a house payment in one second.” — Ismael

Unlocking Opportunity

Ismael is a 19-year-old entrepreneur, surf instructor, and homeowner.

Before Ismael owned his home, he lived in a galvanized metal shelter held together with wooden sticks. He’s the head of the household, and now, he’s making house payments and pursuing his dream of going to college. 

“Many people are coming to El Salvador who are giving us opportunities to have a house, have a job, and teach us more about technology and their culture. Bitcoin is not only a coin. Bitcoin is freedom for my community.”


Does the volatility of Bitcoin affect families?

Families are equipped with tools that help them stay protected from the volatility of Bitcoin. For instance, many Salvadorans use dollar-pegged stablecoins and have the option to quickly convert bitcoin to U.S. dollars. Additionally, some local businesses are choosing to immediately convert any bitcoin they receive into dollars to mitigate any potential losses.

What if the families don’t make their monthly payments?

In any housing program, it’s important to recognize that unforeseen circumstances can make it difficult for families to repay their loans. With our local partners, we’ve put measures in place to help families who struggle to make their loan payments. If a family is experiencing financial hardship and is unable to make their repayments, the program provides various ways to help them stay on track. This could include adjusting the loan terms or providing financial counseling. By offering a range of solutions to help families stay on the program, we can ensure that the social housing initiative remains accessible and beneficial for all involved.

Are families required to use a certain wallet?

Families are not required to use a specific bitcoin wallet to use the cryptocurrency. Instead, they can select a bitcoin wallet that meets their needs, whether it’s based on security features, ease of use, or other factors. The freedom of choice encourages the adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador is accessible and inclusive for all.

Can I donate hashrate?

Our team is now accepting hashrate donations to support donors who want alternative routes to support our work. We have a history of accepting Bitcoin donations of various forms, and this method is an expansion.

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