You help families find their dream homes.

Now, you can help a vulnerable family secure their dream home too.

Real estate agents:

The nonprofit give-back made just for you.

A donation of $10k fully funds a safe home for a low-income family in Latin America.

This program is built specifically for impact-driven real estate agents to fund homes by selling homes. Customized for your needs in these categories:

  1.   Concierge service from the New Story team to support you
  2.   Turnkey content to share with your network and clients
  3.   Impact reports to highlight the difference you’re making

We do housing differently.

New Story is tackling one of the world’s biggest problems: homelessness.

An estimated 3 billion people will be living without access to adequate shelter by 2030. To change that will take courage, innovation, and a community of people willing to do things differently. We know you’re as passionate about helping others find home as we are. Join us in the journey to ending homelessness for good.

A home changes everything.

A $10,000 can fund a home for a family. You help your clients find their dream homes every day. Now, one donation can help a family secure their dream home too.

Your clients chose you for a reason:

Because you’re the best at placing families in forever homes day after day. Now, you can fund homes for vulnerable families while doing what you do best.

Your benefits of making a difference

Streamlined Sign-Up & Donation Process

We're partnering with Charity Vest to enable easy donations and donations from escrow.

PR & Networking Opportunities

Attend New Story in-person and virtual events, plus look for ways to be highlighted and featured to our network.

Turnkey Marketing Content

We'll provide you with regular email updates and social media assets to easily share with your network.

Activations & Competitions

Opportunities to visit the field with other top raising real estate professionals.

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What is the value of one home?

For vulnerable families, this $10,000 home unlocks safety, better health, and a lifetime of opportunities.


What people say about us

"New Story is an impressive innovative non-profit organization. It puts 100% of donations towards transforming unlivable places into communities of safe sustainable homes for about $8,000 thousand dollars per home. As real estate professionals, we have a keen understanding of how a home improves a family's quality of life and we believe in New Story's mission that a home provides the foundation needed for success."

Philip White,
CEO, Sotheby's International Realty

“My latest clients were thrilled with the home sponsorship on their behalf and I'm certain New Story will be a topic of discussion when we get together with friends. It's so easy to open your site on my mobile and show clients/friends in a social setting. Thanks again to your team for the great email to my clients and the letter from Brett. The Ocuituco Data Report is well done too and is probably very effective for my hyper-educated, data-crazed clients.”

JB Edwards,
Sotheby’s International Realty agent in Palm Beach Florida

“A home is more than a house, it’s a feeling, a milestone, and a place where memories are made. At Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty, that’s how we approach every transaction and interaction with our clients. Being able to support New Story is another important step in making someone’s dream of owning their own home possible, and we are excited to be part of it.”

J. Kuper,
Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty


How long does it take to build each home?

On average it takes 6-12 months to build a full community of 50-150 homes from start to finish. We use your donations first for communities that are already under construction to keep this time shorter. We have several communities in Mexico that we expect to finish in 2023 that still need funding and your donation would go towards these families first.

I want to share this work with my network and clients. What content do I get to share?

New Story will provide you with turnkey content and information about our work for easy distribution to your network. You will also receive quarterly construction updates from the field so you can provide updates via email, social media or whatever you prefer. These serve as great touchpoints with past clients as well as general marketing for prospective clients.

What ways can I donate that work best for my business?

Here are the most popular ways we have worked with agents:

  • Start your own campaign, receive a landing page and donate to your campaign whenever it makes sense.
  • Donate quarterly, monthly, after a sale, or whenever you have enough for a home.
  • Donate on behalf of your clients and New Story will provide them with construction updates on the project and family your gift is supporting.
  • Donate straight from escrow each time you close a deal. New Story is working to make this process easier and we would love to work with you on figuring out how to best do this.

Please let us know how you would like to donate and we will make it work for you!

Can I go to the field? I want to visit the families:

To respect the privacy of the families and not flood the communities with constant visitors we only bring down select groups of VIP New Story donors to visit communities. There will be opportunities to visit the field for the agents that raise the most and get the most involved with our work. More details to come as field trips resume later this summer.

Join us in ending global homelessness.