Meet our #1 asset:
our team.

Watch our team talk about our values in action every day.

We hire people
who inspire us.

Each of us takes radical ownership of the mission, pursuing our vision humbly and with excellence.

Also, we really like hanging out with each other, and we’ve been known to cook up a storm in the kitchen. At New Story, we don’t use the word “employee.” We’re a team of founders, each of us fired up about the vision we get to pursue, and thankful we get to make it happen together.

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Mike Arrieta

Co-Founder, New Story & Founder, Garden City

Steve Ayoub

Co-Founder & President

C.J. Fitzgerald

Managing Director, Summit Partners

Pete Flint

Trulia Founder, Managing Partner NFX Guild

George Huber

Managing Partner
Finback Investment Partners
& Equity Investment Group

Vik Harrison

Founder, The Branded Startup & charity: water

Robert Hohman

Chairman & Founder, Glassdoor

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Can you see yourself on a team like this?