our strategy

Transforming the affordable housing market across Latin America

We work to make the housing market
work for low-income families.

We’re not your traditional housing charity.


We build a more inclusive housing market.

Traditional charities build homes.



We create affordable, scalable opportunities for low-income families to access safe housing.

Traditional charities give homes to low-income families.



We address the causes of homelessness.

Traditional charities address the symptoms of homelessness



We partner with philanthropists and the market.

Traditional charities are fully dependent on donations.



We create exponential impact.

Traditional charities create linear impact.


Solutions that scale

We collaborate with the market to create housing solutions that are affordable for low-income families and profitable for providers. For us to invest in a housing solution, it must meet families’ needs and their budgets. Because when families can afford a housing product, the market is more incentivized to scale it. The outcome is a more inclusive housing market, where families can have a dignified role in buying a housing solution that works for them.

We use three core interventions to build a more inclusive housing market

Unlocking the housing market across Latin America

About 80% of families across Mexico have no access to adequate housing. With no opportunities for affordable financing, land ownership, or construction expertise, millions of people are left out of the housing market. Nearly 60% of homes in Mexico are the result of families building their homes without construction expertise, using the materials they can find, whenever they can afford them.

Underserved families save money as they make it, and build their homes in stages that can take up to decades. The self-building process without experience or assistance is expensive, slow, and dangerous. It also keeps families stuck in the cycle of generational poverty.

Vulnerable households need and deserve a different path to secure safe housing. A path of affordable resources. A path of fair opportunities. A path we’re building together.

Meet our partners

We work with financial service providers, land developers, construction companies, and other organizations seeking to develop scalable solutions for those in need of affordable housing.



Want to connect?

If you’re looking to co-design an affordable housing intervention or invest in a proven solution, we’d love to hear from you.