We pioneer solutions to end global homelessness.

Everyone deserves a fair path to a safe home.

Through sustainable and scalable solutions, we’re building a more inclusive housing market for vulnerable families across Latin America.

In the Press

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Nearly 3 billion people will need adequate shelter by 2030.

Housing impacts every aspect of our well-being — health, education, income, and so much more. But right now, more than 1.6 billion people live without safe shelter. These underprivileged families make a modest living in the informal economy, but they’re left out of the housing market and unable to reach their full potential.

With no accessible path to safe housing, vulnerable families resort to making their own homes out of the materials they can find and afford. The result is unsafe shelter and circumstances that keep them in a cycle of poverty. 

Making home accessible for all

Traditional charities try to solve homelessness by completely relying on charity to gift homes to families. This approach is helpful for some families, but it’s not sustainable enough to address the problem at scale. 

Rather than viewing families as passive beneficiaries, we empower families to become active participants in the housing market. We don’t address the symptoms of homelessness. We address the causes.

Many factors create homelessness. So we use many solutions to solve it.

We work to create a more inclusive housing market for low-income families. To shape that market, we rely on innovative solutions and incentivized partners. Through three core interventions, we ensure housing solutions are fair, affordable, and dignified.

💰 we invest

We invest capital and expertise into proven models that support low-income families on their journey to secure safe housing.


🏗️ we connect

We bridge the gap between market players so they can co-create housing options profitable for their businesses and affordable for families.


💡 we innovate

We bring innovative solutions to the affordable housing sector so families can secure better housing at lower costs.

Empowering low-income families to secure the dream of home

With a focus in Latin America, we’ve supported more than 15,000 people in their transition out of homelessness. We’re scaling impact by removing common barriers standing between vulnerable families and quality housing. 

Families are gaining the resources and opportunities it takes to buy the housing solution they want. The end result is people securing housing that meets their needs and increases their well-being.

Our goal is to impact 1 million people by 2030.