The problem:

More people lack safe shelter than any other basic need.

After climate change, homelessness impacts more lives than any other problem.

Homelessness steals more than a house. It takes away a family’s security, health, and opportunity to thrive together. Currently, that’s the story of more than 1 billion people.

The Journey to 1 million

Generous donors are helping us house 1 million people in Latin America by 2030. Beyond putting families in safe housing, this achievement will help us create a replicable model for other organizations tackling global homelessness. We’re all in this together.

Home is the foundation of a flourishing life.

Health & Sanitation

When families can drink clean water and wash their hands at their home, they can stay healthy for the long haul.


Locked doors and windows give families the sense of security it takes to work, play, and sleep with confidence.


Children can better focus on learning and growing into their full potential when they can sleep and study in peace.


Families can build a career when they have the margin to grow their skills rather than living to survive.

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When you build a home, you change everything.

Home is more than a roof over your head. It’s freedom to live a healthy and happy life.