Help Haiti by building what families need most: home.

New Story is proud to partner with Mission of Hope to build homes for families in Haiti.

100% of your donation goes to building a home.

  • We’ve built 750+ homes in Haiti. Every home withstood the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake, protecting more than 3,000 lives.
  • Many families who will be served by your donation lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake and haven’t been able to regain their footing since.
  • Nearly 90% of these families are drinking untreated water and live on dirt floors. Learn more about the families in this report.

An $11k donation fully funds a home for a family in Haiti.

The Power of Home:

In the past seven years, we’ve built more than 750 homes in Haiti.

On August 14, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti, destroying more than 50,000 homes and taking the lives of more than 2,200 people. Every home from our previous builds endured the recent earthquake and protected more than 3,000 people from reentering homelessness

Because they have stable shelter, these families are safe from disaster and can even help support their neighbors in need. You can do the same by building a home today and helping Haiti stand strong.


Make a multigenerational impact

Even when disaster strikes, a safe home allows a family to flourish forever.