Global homelessness is growing too quickly for us to stick with traditional solutions. When 1.6 billion people lack safe shelter, a number expected to double in the next 30 years, we don’t need more normal — we need breakthroughs. 

With your support, we’ve created breakthroughs that touch nearly all aspects of the home building process. We’ve developed software that helps us survey families. We’ve created a process that empowers human-centered design. We’ve helped develop hardware that allows us to 3D print homes for the most vulnerable communities. But solutions must touch all aspects of the community building process, including the donation phase, which demands us to explore a wide range of technology. 

We’re proud to announce our latest exploration of new technology —  blockchain and cryptocurrency.

To start exploring blockchain and make donations even more transparent, we are now accepting donations in cryptocurrency. (16 cryptocurrencies to be exact)

Our engineers built a lightweight cryptocurrency solution to make giving with some of the most well-known crypto projects simple. We also maintain our own wallets and private keys to help ensure the security of our donations.

We believe technology is a force multiplier for good and a main way to catch up to the problem of global homelessness. So, we’re opening our minds to one of the most expansive and forward-thinking communities working to positively impact the world.

Here are three reasons we are interested in blockchain:

  1. Blockchain is primarily designed to be an improved computing system that allows visibility and shared resources with a multitude of applications for the world. Transparency and collaboration align with our values, and we think they’re necessary to build lasting change.
  2. We would love to have conversations with the crypto community about blockchain. For instance, how it’s applied to cryptocurrency, it’s role in philanthropy, and how it can be a part of the affordable housing solution. These conversations can help us pave the way for more nonprofits to leverage the crypto community to make a social impact.
  3. Accept more forms of donation and ways to make giving more transparent and accountable for those that want it.

We know that a combination of software, hardware, design, and new ways of thinking is required to change the system that created global homelessness at such a scale. We hope you’ll join us in bringing this latest breakthrough to the affordable housing sector.

If you have questions or feedback, please reach out to