You can build
a world without

Join our community of monthly donors building homes for families who need them most.

For many, there is
no place like home.

Families without a safe home are living to survive — doing what they can to make it to tomorrow.

Many make their own ‘home’ out of scrap metal and rotten wood. Storms wash away their belongings, dirt floors bring diseases, and sleepless nights steal their dreams of a better life.

A little bit can change a life.

The Neighborhood is building homes that help families thrive forever.

Every dollar of your monthly donation fuels our human-centered building process. You help us leverage local partnerships and local labor paid at fair wages to build homes and restore dignity.

Your generosity is building a world without homelessness.

Everyone deserves a home. We’re gathering radically generous people like you who believe the same. And — together — we’re discovering new housing solutions that help us welcome neighbors home every month. Will you join?

A community ending homelessness one month at a time

Change a family’s life by building their greatest asset: home.

The community that keeps on giving.

When you join the Neighborhood, you receive:

  • Updates on how your generosity is making a difference,

  • Surprise gifts that celebrate your impact,

  • And confidence knowing 100% of your donation is maximized for good.

“Home sweet home.”

The Neighborhood is building homes until everyone can say those three words. Another month means another step closer to that moment. You belong to be a part of the celebration coming.