Support a family living in survival mode.

200 families in El Salvador living in unsafe conditions stand to lose everything.
You can give them a place to belong.

Stand with San Vicente

Built in partnership with the award-winning architecture firm, Skolnick, San Vicente is a climate-smart community that will house 200 families on the brink of eviction. 

“You don’t belong here.” That’s what families of San Vicente have heard for most of their lives. They’ve been told they have until the end of the year to find a new place to live. But we know these resilient families deserve better. They deserve safe homes — a place to belong. 

When you support a family facing eviction, you are changing their story. You are saying to each and every family in San Vicente:


We build better together

You can support families in need and help build San Vicente by raising funds with your community. Featuring soccer fields, porches, and an amphitheater, San Vicente is designed for relationships. Start a campaign today so your family and friends can make a difference together.

Design working with the environment and for people

With climate-smart solutions and human-centered homes, San Vicente works with the natural environment to reduce families’ vulnerabilities. 

  • Passive ventilation to cool the homes
  • Home gardens to catch roof runoff and help with food security
  • Recreation areas for soccer, basketball, and swimming
  • Greenspaces to provide protected habitats for wildlife 
  • Stormwater filters to help the rain work for families rather than against them

You can help us build San Vicente. You can help us create belonging.

Innovations and partnerships are in place to prevent families from experiencing eviction, but the funding is not. You’ve given in the past because you believe in bringing groundbreaking solutions to families that need them most. San Vicente is an opportunity to do the same when 200 families have never needed it more. 

100% of your donation goes directly to funding a safe home for a family without one.