Our aim has never been to raise as much money as we can to build the most houses. Our goal is to help solve a billion person problem. Since we’re aiming for the greatest number of people impacted, and since the problem is so massive, we have to break conventional methods to progress towards our vision of social impact.

While we continue to build communities, we are also now embarking on a wider vision. We’re developing the innovations to amplify social impact not only for our own work, but for other housing organizations and governments as well. We believe the biggest change will happen by working together.

Our role, beyond building excellent communities, is to help accelerate the work of others.

Pioneering Solutions

Every social housing organization has massive pain points. Early on, when the tools we were using started to feel like barriers to doing great work, we made the decision to create new solutions for ourselves. Everything we make, we make because it improves the quality of our process, and ultimately provides a better community for the families we serve.

Our backers have graced us with the ability to invest in innovations to solve the problems traditional methods don’t address. Ultimately, this enables us to unlock breakthroughs to amplify social impact.

social impact

Sharing Innovation

Our innovation toolkit is composed of the proven breakthroughs we’ve used to grow our social impact, and it currently exists in three parts.

      1. A set of software tools created to increase efficiency collecting, managing and analyzing data from the field.
      1. Distinct process for successfully designing human-centered communities.
    1. Access to breakthrough homebuilding innovations, like the 3D printer we launched with ICON this past spring.

Each part of the toolkit is intended to address a pain point for our sector, like inefficient project management, leading to unreasonable higher cost and drawn out project timelines.

The intended net effect is for any housing organization to be able to build better homes, with greater efficiency, in human-centered designed communities.

social impact

Join the Collective

We are looking to partner with other members of our sector who have the focus and passion to implement new solutions for global homelessness. Across the globe, there are over 1000 nonprofits working in the housing sector. We know we can’t solve a billion person problem alone, and we know local organizations understand things we never could. They have the right relationships, vision, and understanding of the locations they serve.

We want to come alongside and add fuel to their fires, to help them accelerate impact where they do it best. By developing ways for all of us to work smarter, we believe we can 1000x our impact as a collective.

Joining our collective of partners means gaining access to innovative technologies, tools and processes so you can impact more families, better.

If you are interested in plugging our systems into your work, let us know. We want to know who is excited so we can begin building the best relationships throughout the year for our full launch this year.