New Story’s superpower is our generous network. If you asked me to share our story of building an impactful network, I’d quickly tell you about Keith Krach. 

In our early years, Keith helped us break into Silicon Valley and build relationships that shaped who we are today. As the former CEO of DocuSign, Keith used his influence to connect us with leaders who want to create social impact. Some of our major supporters to this day joined us after an introduction by Keith.

“Trust is the most important word in any language.”

– Keith Krach

Keith makes a remarkable New Story advisor because he shares core values with our team: transparency, dignity, and trust. By living out these values, Keith has transformed diplomacy, business, education, and more. Now, Keith’s impact is celebrated globally through a 2022 Nobel Peace Prize nomination

Keith implemented the “Trust Principle” to prevent the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) attempt to control 5G communications. By building the Clean Network, Keith rallied 60 countries around a common vision to protect citizens’ and companies’ privacy from the CCP. He’s also an advocate for the people of Taiwan and the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang. 

Building a global network for good

Keith’s work shows the possibilities when a community stands for human freedom and dignity. I’ve experienced this firsthand through Keith’s support of New Story. 

He’s hosted a gala and events at his house to move our mission forward of ending global homelessness. One of my favorite moments was when Keith funded a home for a family as a Christmas gift to his children. A safe home affirms dignity for vulnerable families and gives them the freedom to live a healthy life.

Keith has said, “You do business with people you trust; you partner with people you trust; you buy from people you trust, and you love the people you trust.” 

Thank you for your investment and trusting us with your network. Let’s keep building a world that stands strong for human rights.