We know what’s it’s like to take on the big problems of the world as a nonprofit — it isn’t easy. With five years under our belts, we understand the dedication, agility, and creativity that goes into making a difference in the world.

That’s why, when we look to be better, kinder members of the global community, we always know there’s a good company out there. There are great nonprofits who are taking smart approaches to combating the world’s toughest challenges, and we are always on the lookout for pointers on how to make our organization the best it can be.

So in honor of National Nonprofit Day,

Here’s to five charities who, in our opinion, are really moving the needle on some of the most critical issues in the world today. And here’s to what we can all learn from helping them meet their goals. 

1. charity:water 

It’s no secret that charity:water’s 100% giving method inspired us in the early days of founding New Story. Their commitment to full transparency inspired us to believe in a new kind of nonprofit work, one where donors can see exactly what their donations are doing.  

Across the globe, charity:water is dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to people living without access to safe water, and they promise 100% transparency in the process. They track every dollar raised and then show donors what projects were funded through photos and GPS. Plus, their operating costs are provided by private donors, so every single cent you donate goes to funding water projects, giving you peace of mind that your dollars are doing the most good.

Learn more about charity:water and their mission here.  


2.Pencils of Promise 

Pencils of Promise is dedicated to providing a better quality education for children around the world. They do an incredible job changing the learning experience throughout their programs in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. Our favorite thing about them? Their dedication to delivering the story of their work to their donors with such integrity.

It’s honestly hard to miss how positive and optimistic the Pencils of Promise brand is, and how effective they are at conveying the promise of a great education for every child. Each part of their story is fun and uplifting, making donors excited to partner in the work they get to do together. By keeping things fun an uplifting, they also help show donors how positive and impactful their involvement can be, telling the story of their work in a compelling way.

Learn more about Pencils of Promise and their mission here



We believe technology is a force multiplier for good and belongs in the non-profit sector — Watsi has the same core belief, which is why we love their work. Dedicated to transforming how people access healthcare and the costs associated with it, Watsi created a crowdfunding platform that can manage enrollment, identification, claims submissions, claims processing, and reporting to provide opportunities for vital healthcare where it’s needed most.

As the first nonprofit start-up accepted into  Y Combinator, Watsi’s end goal is to effectively allow donors — from individuals to countries — to fund universal healthcare. And that means they aren’t just improving the conditions of developing countries, but pushing the envelope in terms of how tech innovation can help solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Learn more about Watsi and their mission here

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4.Room to Read

Much like Watsi, Room to Read is using data to evolve and improve children’s education around the world today. With a focus on nurturing early readers into lifelong learners, Room to Read works with local governments to ensure community engagement through better learning environments, quality materials, teacher support, and more. 

One of the things we love best about Room to Read is their dedication to being involved at the local level in their solutions. By collaborating with the communities where they implement their programs, they ensure that the change isn’t cookie-cutter, but tailored to the community’s actual needs. 

Learn more about Room to Read and their mission here. 

5.Preemptive Love Coalition 

From Iraq and Syria to the US and places in between, Preemptive Love Coalition provides job creation, emergency relief, community development, and more. That alone is enough to admire their efforts, but we specifically respect their initiative because how tangibly and practically they meet the needs of the population they serve.

In crisis areas, Preemptive Love Coalition seeks to provide food, medicine, and water to care for these communities in need. They serve some of the most vulnerable and endangered populations in the world. Overall, they’re spreading a message that caring about someone can be a matter of providing basic needs, and that’s a message New Story understands very well

Learn more about Preemptive Love Coalition here

We believe in donations going to where they will do the most good — where they can save lives, create opportunities, and truly make a difference. If you’re interested in being a part of National Nonprofit Day, we’d love for you to consider donating to New Story and to the nonprofits who inspire us to be better every day.