As with many others, COVID-19 forced us to pause and ask ourselves, “In what ways is our team uniquely positioned to solve problems in a world that desperately needs innovative solutions?” 

In the past, all of New Story’s solutions have focused on addressing the growing problem of global homelessness. During much of the pandemic, this looked like providing domestic rent relief while we paused our international homebuilding projects for the safety of our communities. 

But we knew that wasn’t the only gap we could fill in the world. We wanted to help others move their plans forward so they can create the change the world needs. 

So, we built Founders Lab


The pandemic is exposing and creating more problems than we can tackle on our own. At first, we wanted to help address the confusing season many young students and professionals found themselves in. COVID-19 shifted school schedules, canceled internships, closed job openings, and left many in a frustrating position of transition. 

But now that we’ve completed our first cohort of Founders Lab, we’ve noticed a longer lasting need beyond this pandemic season: Impact-driven individuals don’t have an accessible way to come together and learn how to make a real difference from experienced leaders. 

One day, this pandemic will pass. But the problems it has exposed will still be around. Founders Lab is a course that teaches people how to tackle the particular problems they’re passionate about. 

Lack of direction shouldn’t be why you keep your big dream to yourself and fail to move forward with your plans. Founders Lab is gathering and guiding the next generation of leaders eager to make a difference right now. Impact can’t wait when the world needs solutions.


New Story was founded five years ago on a big dream: to end global homelessness. We started small, and over the past half-decade, we’ve funded more than 2,300 homes, been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies three times, and most importantly, built lasting change for those who need it most. We’ve learned a lot, and we don’t want to keep these lessons to ourselves. 

That’s why our founding team personally invests in Founders Lab participants. However, we know that we wouldn’t have had the success we’ve had today without our biggest superpower. 

One of our favorite questions is, “What is your superpower?” If you were to turn that question on our team, you would hear a lot about our network

Over the past five years, we have developed a network of some of the world’s most brilliant leaders. They’re gracious and excited to help others turn their big dreams into reality, as they’ve done for us. From Jen Rubio, Co-founder of Away, to Scott and Vik Harrison, Founders of charity: water, to Alexis Ohanian Sr., Co-founder of Reddit and Initialized Capital, every leader in our corner provides the expertise that helps us move our big dream forward.

Now, our network wants to help you move your dream forward, too. They’ll share the same advice with you that helped us raise more than $50M in five years. Below, you’ll see the teacher and mentor roster for Cohort 1.

(Cohort 2 roster to be announced shortly)

For five weeks, you’ll have live conversations with top founders and executives. Their stories of success and lessons of best practices will help you gain the insider knowledge it takes to maximize your potential — regardless of your career. 


Founders Lab gives you access to some of the best leaders we know. It also creates a space to connect and build lasting relationships with other ambitious people passionate about doing meaningful work.

“I joined Founders Lab for the community of peers who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, and for the guidance of mentors who have navigated the difficult, nuanced journey of carving out their own paths.” — Shawn W, Cohort 1 student

Unfortunately, there just isn’t much accessible content hyper-focused on developing a founder’s framework. But from our years of experience, we’ve noticed there are best practices shared by the greatest leaders we know. 

Founders Lab is a one-month accelerator filled with 50+ hours of custom content laying those practices out in an engaging and simple way. Through live sessions and Q&A, you’ll hear the stories and the how-to’s from our favorite impact-driven leaders. 

“I received both inspiration through stories of staggering success and concrete ideas and skills to consider and implement.” — Rachael J., Cohort 1 student 

Students not only get to learn from a wide range of top-tier teachers, but they also get to put their learnings into real-time practice. 

Some students come in with an existing idea and are able to gain clarity, refine their idea, and pitch it for feedback. Others find themselves coming up with an idea along the course and then developing the framework to shape it for the years ahead. Some don’t necessarily have a desire to start their own business but become equipped with practical ways to maximize their potential in their current workplace.

Regardless of where you find yourself, Founders Lab will place you in a cohort of ambitious, impact-driven people looking to make their dream actionable. 


Are you ready to make the most of this life transition you’re in? Learn more about Founders Lab and receive a free preview class here!