financing innovation

Financing that opens doors to safe homes

Our micro-mortgage model gives low-income families a sustainable path to homeownership.

When people have the opportunity to build creditworthiness and obtain homeownership, they’re more likely to break the cycle of poverty and create multi-generational stability.

Fintech for people living on less than $3 per day

The families we support live in the informal economy and hold modest jobs that provide them with an inconsistent income such as farming, cleaning, or cooking. We’ve learned these underserved families can and want to pay for their new home. They’ve just never had an affordable and accessible opportunity to do so — until now.

Empowerment that creates ownership

Our payment model blends micro-mortgages with philanthropy. A majority of a home is covered by your generosity and the remaining portion is paid back by the families over a timeframe dependent on their income level. These repayments build ownership and dignity.

The model creates a self-sustaining cycle where micro-mortgage payments are used for the funding of more homes. Your donations go further and more families thrive.

El Zonte, El Salvador

Meet Ismael, a 19-year-old entrepreneur who just received the keys to his new home in El Salvador.

El Zonte, El Salvador

See the future in action

In El Zonte, El Salvador, we’re practicing a different financial solution by using Bitcoin-based mortgages to help unbanked families pay for their homes in a faster and more secure way.