Radical generosity is designing a world without homelessness

The Architects are providing homes for families
through $10K+ donations annually.

Backers of a bold vision

The Architects fund entire homes through $10K+ donations per year, helping us move the needle forward in our journey of ending global homelessness.

Meet these Architects

“We wanted to be a part of a program that had a tangible aspect to it. We wanted to build homes.”

— Kenji and Rachelle Kuramoto

As an Architect, you’ll receive:

  • Quarterly and annual reports of how you’re making a difference

  • Invitations to events and opportunities to connect with our founders

  • Updates on the exact community you’re supporting

  • Satisfaction from helping vulnerable families gain homeownership and break the cycle of poverty

Members of the Architect program make three-year commitments,
entirely funding at least three homes for families in need

Ready to join the Architects?

Great! The Architects are donor families committed to funding at least one home every year. If this sounds like you, please leave us your information and we’ll reach out to you.